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Metalhead Dating Tips


Metalhead dating for metalhead singles looking for someone like yoo. Found romance and love on the metalhead dating. Metalhead dating can be extremely valuable to someone who identifies strongly with that genre of music. Dedicated to helping metal fans meet one another.

The Bad and Good of heavy metal singles dating


Good:  He’ll introduce you to new music!

Although you might not think you’re into metal, there’s a metal subgenre for everyone! there’s black metal, industrial metal, power metal, metalcore, and a lot more. My personal favourite is progressive metal. I have yet to meet somebody who has heard dream theater and did not enjoy it.

Bad: Better get used to metal.

If you are one of those unfortunates who doesn’t like any genre of metal, then that likely will not make a difference to your SO. Metalheads are absolutely snobby when it comes to their music, and do not allow anything else to be played in their car radios. If you’re metalhead dating who tolerates your Taylor Swift obsession, it just might be love.

Good: Metalheads are a lot of fun.

My metalhead and his buddy were humorous, ridiculously enjoyable people to be around, completely up for midnight trips to McDonald’s, visiting the carnival, whatever involves spontaneous good times.

Bad: Your connection will probably be missing on the love.

Though a few metalheads may really like to take their wives someplace fine, those that I know are not financially secure enough to achieve that. Or maybe they are too busy listening to metal. In any event, do not expect him to buy you flowers for each date.

Good: Gorgeous hair.

The metalheads I have met have hair much nicer than my own. It is not honest when boys may do this…

Bad: Beautiful long hair.

That is a pro or a con, depending on how you view things.

Good: Not ashamed of relationship you.

Once I dated a metalhead, he whined about me to his friends until they were completely ill of him. I am not even a 10 or something, he felt blessed to possess me. A whole lot of his metalhead friends behaved exactly the exact same way for their girlfriends.

Bad: He’ll still likely choose music.

You have to accept this from the start.

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