Leo Dates

Leo Dates: How To Date A Leo


Leo dates in astrology are generally from July 23-August 22. If your birthday falls within this particular date range, you probably have a Leo Sun signal. Even though Leo dates may vary based upon the year, these are generally the Leo calendar dates.

Leo Dates in Astrology

Leo is the fifth indication of the zodiac, which comprises 12 signals in total. The Leo star sign is a undercover fire sign (component) along with a loyal fixed signal (caliber). Since the sole stationary fire sign in the zodiac, Leo people are natural leaders that take intense pride in their own abilities and faith. No surprise many Leos are lively public characters: Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Martha Stewart, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton (to mention a couple). Love ’em or despise ’em, Leos leave an unforgettable impression.

Should you Leo dates , prepare yourself to make them the middle of your world (a exhausting job occasionally, as they seldom tire of being respected). With some luck, they will return the favor by lavishing you with love and adoration.

How To Date A Leo

Leos enjoy being the middle of attention, how Milhouse enjoys capri trousers. What is coming up Leo! Leos hustle, and they are not scared of anybody getting in their own way. You ought to be terrified of getting at a Leo’s way. The Leo considers that everything revolves around them, which may make dating a Leo really hard.

When on leo dates, make sure you compliment them in their creative pursuits — and also being a Leo, they will probably have many creative interests. Leos do not do just 1 thing. There is always something around the side. They are a poet/ad man. An actor/designer. If you truly need to piss off a Leo, wait for them to deliver their large imaginative job, nod and say, “Yeah, I watched that the Kickstarter” and nothing else.

In leo dates, make certain to present your Leo plenty of attention and respect, but attempt to discover the appropriate equilibrium between showering them with compliments and sticking with your head up to now up their bum you can use them as a coat. If you truly wish to maintain this Leo, you have got to stay grounded.
It is like carrying a balloon — you are placing firmly on the floor, while the Leo is floating about at the skies. Hold tight

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